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Not to Miss Places from Kayani

The Kali Temple in Halishahar

Although Kalyani is relatively a young town, the area around it is seeped with history. Many important towns are located in near vicinity and if you are spending a few days here you should never miss any of them.  

On a religious trail from Kalyani

There are quite a few places of religious importance located near Kalyani. Halishahar, Nabadwip, Mayapur, Shantipur are some of them. We will however, start our trip with Halishahar.

Halishahar of Sage Ramprasad

It is true that Halishahar is a town under North 24 Pargana one cannot leave Kalyani without paying homage to Saint Ramprasad, the legendary poet and devotee of Goddess Kali. Indeed, this small town has now become a part of Tantra Tourist circuit, thanks to its legendry son. Ramprasad’s Vita (home) and Chaitanya Doba are two important places of tourist interest in this town. Those in pursuit of secular interest may also visit Craig Park at the heart of the town.

Ramprasad Vita

While Guru Griha of Shri Chaitanya is located near Chaitanya Doba Ramprasad’s Vita is the home of the legendary sage Ramprasad. It is where he lived, worshiped and wrote hundreds of songs about Mother Kali. These songs show his intimate relationship with the Goddess. It is said, the Goddess was so impressed by his devotion that one day while he was repairing the fence of his home, She came down to help him in his work in the guise of his daughter.  While coming back you can also visit Krishna Rai Temple at Kanchrapara.

Other places of religious importance from Kalyani

While Nabadwip tops the list of places of religious importance near Kalyani it may happen that the actual birth place of Shri Chaitanya is now lost because River Bhagirathi has changed its course many times in last five hundred years. However, the town still carries its legacy and has many temples, maths and ashrams dedicated to Lord Krisna Chaitanya. Many festivals celebrating different events in the life of Mahaprabhu and Lord Krishna are also held throughout the year. 

However, many devotees consider Mayapur located across River Bhagirathi to be the actual birthplace of Mahabrabhu. International Society for Krishna Consciousness has a built a very big temple there and one may also visit that.

Radha Madan Gopal temple in Shantipur

Shantipur is another place of religious interest near Kalyani. The town is one of the places which were swept by the Bhakti Cult of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It has many temples dedicated to different idols of Radha and Krishna. Baro Gosai, Pagla Gosai, Gokulchand, Madangopal, Shyamchand Mandir, Chakfera, Ataboney, Bansboney etc are some of them.

On a buying spree from Kalyani

However, if you want to add shopping to your religious pursuit you must go to Phulia, located close to Shantipur. The area around Shantipur has always been famous for its handloom products. The weavers here have always specialized in superfine dhotis and jacquard sarees, especially known as Santipuree Saree. However, the art got a boost as expert weavers from Dhaka came and settled down in Phulia. These weavers now specialize in a combination of jacquard and jamdani work which are based on Tangail Saree culture of erstwhile East Bengal. Today these sarees are known as Tangail sarees and is admired all over the world for the fine texture and intricate designs.

On lookout for clay dolls

Clay Toys of Krishna Nagar

However, if you love clay dolls you must go to Krishnanagar. All you need to do is to take a cycle rickshaw to Ghurni and visit the open air studios of the clay artists, who for generations have been making clay figurines as well as images of Hindu God and Goddesses. Although the younger generation is acquiring professional training, the art is mainly handed down from the father to son. Some of them also specialize in bronze sculpture.

If you crave for something sweet

Krishnangar is also the place to go if you admirer of delicious sweets. Sorbhaja and Sorpuria are two delicious milk based sweets that one must first taste and then comment. These sweets are made out of the thick cream that settles on top of the milk once it is boiled for a long time over low flame. Indeed, today halwais all over Bengal may make these sweets, but they taste much better at their place of origin.

In pursuit of natural beauty from Kalyani

Bpat acroos River Jalangi

The area around Kalyani also offers some exotic locations. Swarupganj is one of them. It is located on the bank of River Jalangi across Nabadwip. The place has an irrigation Bungalow right on the river bank. There are steps leading to the clear water of the river and therefore, you can enjoy the river from close quarters. However, the beauty of the place can be fully appreciated if you spend a night here. For that you need to take prior permission.

The place is important from another aspect. Jalangi, a distributery of River Padma, meets River Bhagirathi near Swaruganj. From this point, River Bhagirathi is known as River Hooghly. 

There are also other places to go and other pursuits to follow. In fact, all these places have great historical importance. The area has given birth to many renowned poets and scholars. Therefore, if you are on a literally trail, all these cities will also have lot to offer.

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