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Localities in Kalyani

Lying within the Nadia district in West Bengal, Kalyani is beautifully bounded by the Hooghly River along its eastern side and occupies a pride of place as an eco-friendly modern township along the northern most fringe of the Kolkata metropolitan area. As a planned city designed under the auspices of the former Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. B.C. Roy, the entire town of Kalyani is neatly arranged into four blocks representing its residential, commercial, industrial and institutional areas.

Local Areas of Kalyani
Localities in Kalyani

Divided into various sectors (namely 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) Block A is mostly residential in character with a commercial market placed in A-2 near Kalyani Main Station. Block B has both residential and institutional areas housing the Central Park, Kalyani Town Club, Kalyani Main Post Office, Public Library and Industrial Training Institute. The Block C is entirely used for institutional purpose and is largely covered by the Kalyani University while the Block D is Kalyani’s fully industrial zone, or Shilpanchal, as it has been named locally. Find some of the interesting localities in Kalyani which are crucial to the existence and development of the township:

Kalyani Shilpanchal

Kalyani Shilpanchal
Kalyani Shilpanchal Railway Station

Kalyani has a dedicated industrial area named the Shilpanchal which houses several small and large industrial units. Block D in Kalyani contains this industrial sector. One of the four stations at Kalyani is Kalyani Shilpanchal. The industrial operations in Shilpanchal area allow a diverse number of people to earn their livelihood. There are a number of industries in different capacities in this belt. Some of the prominent industries in Kalyani Shilpanchal are Kalyani Spinning Mills Ltd., IFL (International Ferrites Limited), Andrew Yule & Co. Ltd., Kalyani Breweries, K.R. Steel, Dabur, Ellenberry Industrial Gas Company, Indian Oil Corporation, Ramswarup and many others.

Kalyani Ghoshpara

Ghoshpara was originally a village within Nadia district near Kalyani city. It became a religious and cultural centre of activities with the Sati Ma fair being held in its soil every year during February/March. Ghoshpara within Kalyani is now the place where devoted Sati ma followers come from distant regions to meet and celebrate at this “pitha” (a sacred place for worshippers). It is also characterized by “Baul” singers gathering from around the state near Sati Ma temple soaking the entire vicinity with a mystic, religious fervour and organizing hospitality and recreation.

Kalyani Simanta

 Local Attractions near Kalyani
Kalyani Simanta

Kalyani Simanta is one of the four railway stations in Kalyani along the Sealdah-Ranaghat railway line (the other three being, Kalyani Shilpanchal, Kalyani Simanta, Kalyani Ghoshpara). The famous Kalyani Picnic Garden is very near to Kalyani Simanta situated at a 3 minute walking distance from the place. One can also take a rickshaw or auto from SImanta station to reach Kalyani Picnic Garden. Some of the other local attractions near Kalyani Simanta are Tribeni or Hanseswari Mandir.


Kanchrapara was originally a place filled with swamps, low land, natural riverine lakes and water bodies with sparse settlements in its village. However a marked change happened with the laying of Sealdaha Kusthia Broad Gauge Railway Line which is 111 miles long and the consequent establishment of a locomotive workshop around the area. Soon the entire landscape of Kanchrapara transformed into a sprawling region with roads, bridges, street lights, parks, internal railway lines, administrative buildings, hospitals, institutes, technical schools, markets and co-operative shopping stores, playgrounds and other infrastructural amenities serving the region. The Kanchrapara College is affiliated to the University of Kalyani.

Some of the other important localities in Kalyani include the Central Park area, Bidhanpally, Buddha park etc. These are nodal points within the township and are easily accessible through local transport.

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